Assemblea generale Pro Terra Sancta

General Assembly of the Association pro Terra Sancta: ongoing activities and future priorities

Giacomo Pizzi10 May 2017

The General Assembly of the Association pro Terra Sancta met in Jerusalem to update its members on the great development of the Association in the past year, and to discuss further proposals for the future.

On the agenda: the approval of the 2016 budget and the Report on the Management. A brief debate on future priorities and perspectives followed.

It is vital to keep in mind the dual mission of helping and supporting local communities, but also of supporting the widest community of pilgrims through the restoration of the Places of Jesus“, said the Director of the Association, Tommaso Saltini. Priorities have therefore been highlighted in the Conservation and Development area, in particular the Sheperd’s field shrine, Emmaus and Ein Karem.

There has then been much discussion about the conditions of Christians in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and about possible interventions in Egypt in support of Christians in distress. Ultimately, the importance of the commitment to Syria has been emphasized, where, in addition to supporting projects, the Association’s efforts in development activities in schools and other educational structures have increased.

Read the Management Report here!