Great success for the Sebastia conference organized by ATS pro Terra Sancta and held in Palestine

Giacomo Pizzi3 May 2011

An excellent turn out was seen at the recent Sebastia conference organized by ATS pro Terra Sancta alongside Sebastia’s township, the Mosaic Centre in Jericho, La Bir Zeit University and the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Ancient Times under the project, which was financed by PMSP and the Lombardy region.

Over one hundred people attended and participated in the conference held on April the 14th at the University of Bir Zeit, among whom were Mrs. Khulud Daibes, Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Ancient times, Dr Khalil Indi, the Chancellor of the University of Bir Zeit, Mrs. Kamilia Sukkar the mayor of Sebastia, PMSP and the director of the Italian program of support for the Palestinian municipalities Antonio La Rocca.  During the conference, presentations were made showing the results of archaeological and conservation research projects currently underway in the village.  Among the speakers was Carla Benelli, speaking on behalf of ATS pro Terra Sancta and presenting a historical analysis of the tomb of Saint Giovanni Battista in Sebastia.  Another speaker, Osama Handam, presented the various conservation projects carried out by the Mosaic Centre in the village with the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta.  On April 15th, a further fifty people participated in the second day of the conference, visiting the village, archaeological sites, the tomb and observing our projects.  Sebastia’s municipality provided a lunch on the terraces and courtyards of the guesthouse.