Holy Land News – online on the ATS Pro Terra Sancta website

Giacomo Pizzi10 September 2010

Want to stay in touch with the Holy Land, understand the reality of the Middle East and be informed about everything to do with the life of Christians, activities and goings on in the Holy Places? ATS Pro Terra Sancta is offering you the chance to thanks to the online, available at www.proterrasancta.org. You can follow events from the Holy Land at home by watching Holy Land News created by the Franciscan Media Center: the multimedia centre of the Custody of the Holy Land for the production and broadcasting of news reportage and information on the Holy Land throughout the world.


Follow activities of the Franciscan Media Center on the specially-designed section of the ATS Pro Terra Sancta website.


ATS Pro Terra Sancta is also working to launch a promotion, communication and fund-raising campaign which will be useful in raising awareness about and supporting the Franciscan Media Center.

The priorities for the next few months have been identified:

–          Support the Holy Land News, the news programme produced on location in the Holy Land and available online.

–          Produce monographic reportage, documentaries and video news on the Holy Land and the Holy Places.

–          Produce an archive of material which can be used by journalists and the media all over the world.


“The development of new technologies and (…) the digital world represent a great resource for the whole of humanity (…) a stimulus for comparison and dialogue (…) a great opportunity for believers” – Benedict XVI


The Holy Land is a treasure for everyone that can and should be experienced even by those who are far away!


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