Holy Sepulcher: A new light on the mosaics of the Crucifixion

Giacomo Pizzi25 February 2016

Once you enter the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, just climb a few stairs to access the small chapel belonging to the Franciscans, next to the spot where the crucifixion of Jesus took place. You will see several iridescent mosaics here, depicting various biblical scenes.

These mosaics though “need maintenance, cleaning and restoration on a continuous basis” says Rahed Khalil, expert in mosaics from the Mosaic Centre Jericho and coordinator of the team of young men and women working on the mosaics at the Calvary.

“This project of cleaning and consolidation of the mosaics in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher at the 11th station is a continuation of all the other initiatives of the Jericho Mosaic Center, in collaboration with the Association pro Terra Sancta. These mosaics were rebuilt in 1925, around the same time as those of Gethsemane. They are very important, because both are located in the most important site of all the holy places, that is the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. They are also significant from a technical and decorative perspective, as the icons show”.

This project is made possible by the fruitful collaboration between the Association pro Terra Sancta and the Mosaic Centre Jericho, but also thanks to the contribution of the PSMP programme by the General Consulate of Italy in Jerusalem and the Municipality of Bronzolo (Italy).

Video produced by Christian Media Center

Find more information about the mosaics on custodia.org.