Nisf Jubeil marketing

“Hospitable Bethany”: a 360 degree formation for local enterpreneurship activities

Giacomo Pizzi19 July 2019

From 24 to 27 June, a Digital Marketing course was held in Nisf Jubeil, a village in the heart of Samaria, as part of the “Hospitable Bethany” project: sustainable tourism in support of the local community funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (project AD10958) implemented by the Association pro Terra Sancta together with the Mosaic Center Jericho. The four-day seminar is part of a three-year course. Two experts from ALTIS (High School Business and Society of the Catholic University¬†of Milan), professors Richard Arsan and Eleonora Montanari, during some trips have created a path to deepen the issues of business management for small social activities entrepreneurship linked to local Palestinian craft production and hospitality services.

All course participants are actively involved in the management of 8 different economic activities supported by ATS pro Terra Sancta and the Mosaic Center Jericho: the two guest houses in Sebastia and Nusf Jubeil, the restoration and production center of Jericho mosaics, the Souruq association of Bethany women that is dedicated to the production of soaps and embroidery activities, and an interior renovation activity.

The aim of the project is to develop inclusive activities among the most vulnerable population in support of a culture of entrepreneurship oriented to socio-economic development, with particular attention to young people and women. In all the meetings, in fact, women have always been the majority of those attending.

In the two meetings held in 2018, respectively in January and June, all the participants had to create business and marketing plans for their activities trying to suggest new proposals to improve them. In particular, in the summer meeting, the trainers dedicated individual time to each one to create a personalized marketing strategy for each activity.

Last June 24th Richard and Eleonora returned to their students to complete the course by paying more attention to the world of Digital Marketing, that is to say the establishment of a website for the company and the study of more effective communication strategies to make the product known sponsored and reach more customers.

The class once again faced the challenge with passion: after a few hours of lectures, simulations and group exercises were held: “We all worked together, it was nice to help us and share our ideas to succeed in our work” said Rozan, one of the participants.

Although almost none of the participants had previous experience in the field of business and economics, all of them joined with enthusiasm completing the course successfully: a great satisfaction also for the Association pro Terra Sancta that, through these moments of study scheduled until 2020, seeks to pursue an active and proactive involvement of local staff involved in the projects.