viaggio in terra santa

In the footsteps of Jesus


An eight-day discovery trip

Visit the main places of the Holy Land, staying at our Guesthouses in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
Visit of Sebastia and the heart of Palestine, getting in touch with the local communities and enjoying typical Palestinian dishes.

viaggio in terra santa

The 8 days trip program 

Bethlehem – 1 Day 

  • Visit of the Church of the Nativity and the Grotto of the Nativity, the Church of St Catherine, the Saint Jerome, Saint Joseph and Innocent Saints Grottos and the Chapel of the Milk Grotto. 
  • Visit of the old city and walk across the suq, the typical market. Opportunity to meet charitable and educational projects supported by Pro Terra Sancta. 
  • Walk along Star Street and visit of the Bethlehem Mosaic Centre
  • Opportunity to visit the Bansky Walled Off Hotel and Musem and walk along the Separation Wall.

Jerusalem – 2 Days 

  • Visit of the Old City of Jerusalem: walk along the Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Armenian quarters, across the typical Islamic suq. 
  • Visit of the Temple Mount/ Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, the Saint Saviours’ Monastery – where the Custody of the Holy Land is located -, the Church of Saint Anne and the Convent of the Flagellation
  • Walk along the Via Dolorosa, passing through the Arco Ecce Homo, and the Stations of the Cross, to reach the Basilica of the Resurrection, with the Calvary and the Holy Sepulcre.
  • Visit of the Terra Sancta Museum project. 
  • Mount of Olives walking tour: the Ascension, the Pater Noster grotto and the Dominus Flevit. Visit of the Basilica of Gethsemane (Church of All Nations) and to Mary’s Tomb. 
  • Mount Zion walking tour: Last Supper, Church of Dormition of Mary and Tomb of King David. Church of St Peter in Galicantu. 

Jericho – 1 Day 

  • Descent across the Judean Desert, Wadi Qelt. Panoramic stop at the Monastery of St George in Koziba, into the desert. 
  • Visit of Jericho: Jericho of the Old Testament (Tell as-Sultan): Jericho of Herod and the memory of Jesus passages, Jericho Umayyad – with Hisham Palace
  • Visit of the Jericho Mosaic Center, with the opportunity to eat a typical Palestinian lunch and meet the locals involved in the projects of conservation and development of the Palestinian cultural heritage. 
  • Opportunity to visit the Mount of Temptation. 

Samaria – 2 Days

  • Visit of the old city of Sebastiya and its relevant archeological sites, witnesses of Israeli, Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Crusader periods. 
  • Visit of the Byzantine Basilica – nowadays a mosque – where the tomb of John the Baptist is located. 
  • Visit of the village of Nisf Jubeil, and of the Mosaic Center Pottery Studio. Opportunity to have a typical palestinian lunch/dinner in the Mosaic Center Guesthouse, cooked by the women of the village and to meet the women involved in the ancient Palestinian art of pottery craiftmanship
  • Visit of the old city and typical suq of Nablus and of the Jacob’s well, the place in which Jesus met the Samaritan woman. 
  • Overnight stay in the Sebastiya Mosaic Guesthouse. 

Galilee – 2 Days

  • Visit of the Lake Tiberias: Tabgha – place of primacy; Capernaum– the house of Peter and public life of Jesus. 
  • Visit of the Mount of Beatitudes.
  • Visit of Nazareth: Basilica of the Annunciation, the Holy Grotto and the Church of St Joseph. 
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