Rovine a Gaza City

Israel and Gaza War: Our Call for Lasting Peace

Giacomo Pizzi10 October 2023

The attack launched by Hamas from Gaza against Israel – we have heard it everywhere – is unparalleled in recent years and a cause of great concern and sadness. It is a war in all respects, with a partial budget that is already frightening. These are not the usual missile attacks, which were punctually intercepted by the brilliant Israeli defense system. Here we are talking about a real invasion. There are already more than 1,000 deaths among Israelis, with hundreds of hostages captured. Few fewer victims among Palestinians.

Fears over conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon

Pro Terra Sancta staff members were not in the affected areas, but concern is great in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank. My colleagues in Lebanon are also concerned because there is a great fear of a widening of the conflict. “If Hezbollah – they tell us – takes the field, Israel’s response will be very harsh and will involve not only southern Lebanon, but the whole country. Even if nobody wants this war here.”

Tension is high and we are holding our breath if – as now seems to be inevitable – Israel invades the Gaza Strip, it will be an unprecedented tragedy. This is why we publish the appeal of the director of Pro Terra Sancta, Tommaso Saltini, who reaffirms our commitment to do everything possible to arrive at constructive solutions.

The appeal of the director of Pro Terra Sancta

As head of Pro Terra Sancta, an organization engaged for many years in Israel and Palestine, I feel strongly challenged in the face of the events of these days. For years we have been engaged in various initiatives to support the Christian community of Gaza at the service of a population tried by decades of conflict, and the violence of these days frightens us, pains us, calls us into question.

We are against all violence and – as long as we are powerless in the face of it – we would like to stop it at all costs, because we love life and every human being, who is infinitely precious.

By virtue of this, as Association pro Terra Sancta, together with all the friends and collaborators involved, we ask all the parties involved – internal and external to the conflict – to promote opportunities for meeting and work to imagine new and creative solutions that bring development and peace for all.

We want a long-term political initiative to finally be implemented that gives space, life and freedom to all. This dramatic situation demands, invokes and demands new ideas, lasting political proposals that can make everyone live in peace and prosperity.

Let us invoke the Lord of heaven and earth so that he may embrace in His glory all the victims of conflict, bring peace to those who suffer, help us to forgive those who do evil.

In the coming days we will publish all the updates on the situation and needs.