Jerusalem, stones of memory: work concluded thank to the generous donation of a friend of pro Terra Sancta

Giacomo Pizzi3 May 2011

The list of interventions made thank to the contributions by private donors and friends who, almost daily, decide to support, even with a small offer, the Custody of the Holy Land projects in favour of the local Christian community, keeps growing. Ettore Soranzo, engineer responsible for the restoration activities in Old Jerusalem coordinated by Ibrahim Faltas, bursar of the Custody, tells us another story of success. “It took longer than we expected” says Mr. Soranzo “even though the work in itself would just take a couple of months. The basic problem was that, once the plaster was removed, the water leak was still there. For this reason, we could not and did not want to complete the house because nothing would be solved then and so, after renovating most of the ceiling, we left unfinished the part affected by the leak. After some problems with the neighbours, due to safety concerns and above all to the distrust still common among the inhabitants of Old Jerusalem, we obtained permission to visit the house and, after long negotiations with the lodgers, we substituted the old pipes and solved finally the leak downstairs. The leak reduction was almost immediate, and after a few days there was no water leak at all. We waited three more weeks for humidity reduction and then we concluded the work.” The work was concluded also thank to the generous contribution of a friend and supporter of the Holy Land, who some months ago decided to contribute an important donation to support the project “Jerusalem, stones of memory”, enabling thus the renovation and recovery of one of the many houses that the Custody of the Holy Land  makes available for free to the Christians in Old Jerusalem. SUPPORT YOUR OWN STONE OF MEMORY IN THE HOLY LAND!