Jerusalem, the stones of memory and the experience of a volunteer

Giacomo Pizzi27 October 2011

From an experience which occurred almost by accident, to a thesis having as its principal subject the living stones of Jerusalem. This  is the story of Giovanni Zennaro, a volunteer with the Custody of the Holy Land, and a new graduate in photography from the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Brescia whose  thesis was entitled “On both sides of the wall”.

During his stay in Jerusalem, Giovanni documented the daily lives of those living in the Old City of Jerusalem, in particular the inhabitants of the residences owned by the Custody, as part of the renewal project “Jerusalem, Stones of Memory” supported by ATS pro Terra Sancta in collaboration with the Technical Office of the Custody of the Holy Land. The young photographer shared the life of  Christian families living in the Holy City, as well as the stress falling upon a number of workers for the Custody of the Holy Land who, in order to travel to their work in Bethlehem, must pass through stringent controls at checkpoints.

[excerpted from www.tracce.it]

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