Jerusalem: two young musicians from the Magnificat in a special concert

Giacomo Pizzi7 December 2011

The pianist Jiries Boullata and the organist Haig Aram Vosgueritchian, two young musicians who “grew up” at the Magnificat and have recently received diplomas from the Vicenza Conservatory, were the protagonists at a concert held on 29 November at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies of  Brigham Young University, more commonly known locally as Mormon University.

In a very suggestive atmosphere, with a nighttime view of all Jerusalem – the glass walls of the Center auditorium, overlooking the Mount of Olives, provide a panorama of the entire Old City and beyond – the approximately 350 spectators enjoyed a truly extraordinary concert. The program selected by the young professors from the Magnificat Institute was a rather challenging one: Schumann and Chopin for Boullata, Schumann, Lemmens and Dubois for Vosgueritchian.

After they finished it was the turn of the Yasmeen choir, masterfully directed by Hania Soudah Sabbara, which with several songs provided Christmas cheer to all who were present.

It is certainly a matter of great satisfaction for Father Armando Pierucci, the founder and director of the Magnificat Institute, to which ATS pro Terra Sancta continues to provide support, to see the musical growth of talents of this nature, who having been trained abroad and having performed with musicians of international fame, return to teach music to the children and young people of the Magnificat.

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