November 2010

John the Baptist and the sites of memory in the Holy Land: an exclusive video production

SebiastaFollowing the traces of John the Baptist: starting from his birthplace Ein Karem, to the Judean desert, up to Sebastia, the city of ancient Samaria which guards the tomb of Christ’s forerunner. Thanks to two videos by Alessandra Buzzetti, TG5 journalist, ATS pro Terra Sancta, upon completion of the renovation and training works funded by Fondazione Cariplo in Sebastia, will take the audience through an informative path about the life of John the Baptist and the current role the sites of his life still play.

The main actors of this exclusive ATS video production are Father Frederic Manns, authoritative Bible expert of the Custody of the Holy Land, who will lead the way to rediscovering St. John the Baptist between the Old and the New Testament, and the people of Sebastia, whose lives have changed because of this ATS project.

The two video will be presented in preview on the occasion of an exhibition, soon on display in Milan,  dedicated to the city of Sebastia and the developments of the project made possible thanks to this year’s donations.


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