Leafing through the Massolini Calendar to discover and admire the beauty of Samaria

Giacomo Pizzi14 December 2011

The Massolini Calendar, which was presented in Brescia this past Friday, 9 December, can now be seen online by clicking on the image below.

The Calendar is produced each year by the G.B. Massolini cultural association, which was created in 2006 to honor the memory of Father Michele Piccirillo, a friend who passed away prematurely, and to nurture the relationships he built up with the Holy Land and the Near East. The Association has thus sought from its very beginning to create opportunities for developing a better and more profound understanding of issues related to the Holy Land, thereby helping to promote dialogue and exchange among the different cultures present in the region.

From these principles the idea of the Calendar was also born, which each year is dedicated to a country or area in the Middle East or the Mediterranean region, exploring its history, and its cultural and religious richness.

Now in its 23rd edition, this year the Calendar illustrates the places and the historical, religious and artistic heritage of Samaria.