Merry Christmas from the Association pro Terra Sancta!

Giacomo Pizzi25 December 2016

To all those who have donated with a benevolent gesture.

To all those who have accompanied us, who have met us along the road, and who have visited us allowing us to feel your presence.

To the community of friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, who we serve with the same daily mission to conserve the Holy Places.

To all these and those who love the land of Jesus, the Association pro Terra Sancta wishes you a




With your help and with your friendship/collaboration you have contributed by sustaining the presence of the friars in areas where, in some cases, they constitute the only hope in despair.

This is the how you have followed us through the ruins in Syria and to the refugee camp that was forgotten in Rhodes. You have been with us in the land of Jesus, helping us reconstruct and maintain the most holy places for Christians, in Jerusalem, Bethany and more.

You followed us to Bethlehem to bring water to the families and to the elders; to work alongside the Franciscan Social Services Office in educating against violence and intolerance between young people to give them a way to live a normal life.

We will take all your gifts of hope to the Holy Grotto where a New Hope arose. We take you with us and we will remember you all in our prayers, appreciating you from the bottom of our hearts even on behalf of those who have benefitted from your help.