A two-week program aimed at university students and young workers to deepen the reality of the Middle East in the field

What is it about?

We offer university students and young workers(cooperators, officials of public bodies and international organizations, employees and managers responsible for commercial / marketing activities, for journalists, international business enthusiasts) an experience of 15 days scheduled each year a late August early September, useful for getting to know and immerse yourself in the reality of the Middle East.

What is our aim?

  • To inform about the political and social conflicts affecting the region;
  • to make people grasp the points of contact, experiences of unity and sharing;
  • To visit unique places, living a useful experience on a human level, as well as training and professional.


Through meetings with university professors, journalists, religious leaders, managers of cultural projects and social workers, you will be able to have a perspective on places that are important from a historical and religious point of view for the three main monotheistic religions and on the main places affected by the conflict.

The proposed program allows to deepen three interconnected dimensions

Territorial and cultural dimension

Numerous visits are organized to discover and get to know the area. Many fieldtrips are schesuled (to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Sebastia, Jericho, Galilee…), visits to culturally and historically significant places.

Historical and political dimension

Participants attend lectures and meetings concerning the history and the current socio-political context of this complex reality to deepen the historical-political dimension of this land, a crossroads of peoples and nations over the centuries.

Social dimension: works and projects

The program offers visits to charitable works and social, educational and cultural projects. The encounter with these initiatives will be an opportunity to discover the importance of the ancient and articulated Christian presence over the centuries in the Middle East.

21st August – 4th September


The program represents a unique opportunity to discover and learn about / understand the territory. Numerous fieldtrips are scheduled, like to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Samaria, Jericho, Galilee, trips to places that are meaningful from a cultural and historical perspective and through which many social, political, and religious issues are directly addressed.

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