Photos and news, from the Holy Land to the iPad

Giacomo Pizzi19 May 2011

I PADAs from today, the life and stories of the Custody are also on the iPad.

The brand new application, available from today at the iTunes store in four languages, is called “Terra Sancta” and allows always having the information on what is happening in the Hole Places, news and videos on the life of the Custody, photos of the celebrations, events and people who gravitate around these stones full of memory, within easy reach.

“Terra Sancta Application”, offers – in Italian, English, Spanish and French, and soon in Arabic and Hebrew as well – all the articles written for the website Custodia.org, accompanied by photo galleries, and the videos produced by the Franciscan Media Center, to discover the life of the Franciscans, the celebrations and the events, but also to keep an eye on that is happening in these places. All the contents are easy to access and can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

You can even “light a candle for the Holy Land” from afar through the application, by sending messages and prayers to the Custody. It will also be possible to send donations to the Custody, through “Ats-Pro Terra Sancta”.

Developed by iLabora in conjunction with Fotonica, “Terra Sancta Application” was conceived by Father Paolo Padrini, Brother Silvio De La Fuente and Mediacath.

This is the second application produced by the Custody which dome time ago also offered “iBreviary”.