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Cultural Activities
Conservation and Restoration of Antiquities
Distribution of basic necessities
context & objective
Bethlehem is the place where the Word was made flesh and took up a home among men.
Pro Terra Sancta rescues abandoned houses in the historic area of Jesus’ birthplace in order to keep the spark of life alight around the Basilica of the Nativity. Young and local labor is involved in the restoration work.
Houses in a state of decay can be purchased, registered in the name of the Franciscan Custody, rebuilt and then made available to the poor, or they can be restructured for the direct benefit of the current owners, who lack the financial resources to complete the work. Three distinct technical investigations were used in 2020 to properly estimate the intervention’s need and scope. Water tanks will be installed on rooftops as part of the rehabilitation process to address the region’s water shortage.
Some spaces are renovated and converted for purposes other than dwelling, ranging from shops selling local goods to workshops. The Bethlehemmite project includes renovating certain homes for ‘inclusive’ tourism, which involves pilgrims in local community life.

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