Rhodes and the Custody of the Holy Land: discover the history and the activities of the Franciscans on the Greek island on the new web site

Giacomo Pizzi17 June 2011

A new website, entirely dedicated to the Catholic Church on the island of Rhodes,  is now online.


The Archdiocese daily management is under the responsibility of the Vicar General, who since 1972 has been a Franciscan of the Custody of the Holy Land. The Franciscan presence in Rhodes is actually quite old and dates back to the beginning of the Franciscan history. A rich section on the website is dedicated to the history of the Latin church on the island, providing interesting information about the Franciscan history and the history of churches and chapels still active today.  Videos and the photo-gallery introduce the sites showing the physical presence of the Catholic Church on the island.

The website will be online soon, in English, Italian, Greek, French and German. The website is meant to serve the local community and it is also particularly useful for the thousands of tourists visiting the island. It will help increasing the knowledge about the Catholic church in an Orthodox context and consolidating the ecumenical dialogue, which is particularly successful in Rhodes.

The website was created thank to the contributions given by Father Luke (the Franciscan priest),  his numerous and helpful parishioners, and a team of volunteers created and  coordinated by ATS pro Terra Sancta.