Pro Terra Sancta at the Rimini meeting

Giacomo Pizzi10 September 2010

Pro Terra Sancta, the NGO in support of the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land, was present at the Meeting in Rimini hosted by Compagnia della Opere.

With a stand rich in images of the Holy Land and with the support of many passionate and knowledgeable volunteers, we tried to reflect the Custody of the Holy Land’s desire to let everybody get involved in the conservation of the Holy Sites and the support of the Christian community living in the Holy Land.

The work of ATS Pro Terra Sancta encompasses many different fields and translates into concrete projects of a social, educational, archaeological, cultural and welfare nature for the benefit of both the local and non-local Christian community. Particular attention has been paid to the project supporting Christian families living in the Holy City.


“It is important to encourage and support those who choose to stay faithful to their land…and to help Christians to remain in their Country…I urge the whole Church to make an unwavering commitment to those efforts”. Benedict VXI.


The Franciscans are doing all they can to collect funds for the restructuring and enlargement of the houses within the Christian quarter of the Old Town, in order to provide dignified living conditions for Christian families, to support the ‘living stones’ and thus to preserve the ‘stones of memory’ of Jerusalem.


“Guarding the Holy Places: this was our first task and it still is today. The Pope entrusted the order with the task of restoring the Holy Places of the Redemption and rebuilding a Catholic presence around them so that they remain not only stones but living stones!” Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa OFM, Custody of the Holy Land and President of ATS.