Syria: food and medicines reach Aleppo, thanks to a project funded by the Italian Cooperation for development

Giacomo Pizzi22 September 2015

The people in Aleppo (Syria) have received consistent material aids during the last few months. Here the ongoing conflict is still particularly harsh. The 60-70% of the population is unemployed and can’t access food or medicines. The majority has no more hope, nor believes that something is really going to change. People don’t react anymore and don’t even want to be cured.

The Association pro Terra Sancta, through the project “Emergency Syria: aid to the population struck by the conflict” AID ES/10250/A004, funded by the Italian Cooperation for development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation, has managed to deliver significant aids through the local Franciscan Center and the hospital of the Custody of the Holy Land.

During the last few months, the Association pro Terra Sancta has been supporting the medical assistance center of the hospital providing medical goods (disinfectants, medical gloves and masks, needles for sutures, bandages, plasters etc.) or medicines (painkillers, antibiotics, anesthetic etc.) which has allowed the medical staff to deal with ordinary emergencies.

While the Franciscan convent of the Custody of the Holy Land has delivered 1,700 food packages to 6,054 people and other kinds of goods to 1,000 families for a total of about 4,210 people.

The presence of the Custody of the Holy Land in Syria is now active and consistent, thanks to the support of the Association pro Terra Sancta, but there still is a huge need and there is an increasing call for help.

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