The Archaeological Museum explains the Holy Land

Giacomo Pizzi27 December 2011

The activity of the Archaeological Museum of the Studium Biblicum Francescanum of Jerusalem continues with unchanged spirit, thanks to the efforts of the Franciscan fathers of the Custody of the Holy Land, supported by volunteers and benefactors.

The cataloguing activity of all the Museum items is still on-going. The long work, already in an advanced phase, has brought about a better exhibition and study of the materials, creating a more complete and equipped museum for those, tourists and pilgrims alike, who want to discover the Holy Land through its ancient history.

The Archaeological Museum is part of the valorization and support project  “Telling the Story of the Holy Land”, promoted by ATS pro Terra Sancta, aiming at having a larger number of people to get closer to the beauty of these Sites and the history of the Custody of the Holy Land through the 800 years of its presence here.

The halls of the Museum, which is favorably located at the beginning of Via Dolorosa, are open also at Christmas time for all those who will be in the Land of the Infant Jesus during that period.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m./2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Entry ticket: 5 sheqel.