February 2013

The Bethlehem community thanks the supporters of the 2012 Christmas Campaign

Once again in 2012, at Christmas time, a very large number of friends of the Holy Land have offered their support to the living stones of Bethlehem and the works of the Franciscan friars in the town of Jesus.

As a result of your contributions ATS pro Terra Sancta has been able to provide concrete assistance to 100 among the neediest children, along with their families, and 50 elderly in Bethlehem. In particular, the following have so far been acquired: hearing aids for five children, medicines, milk and winter clothing for needy children, and meals for the elderly in the rest home managed by the Anthonian Charitable Society. The remainder of the contributions will be utilized in 2013 to help meet the needs of a large number of families.

A Holy Place and the heritage of all the Christians in the world, Bethlehem lives on a daily basis its vocation as “the Cradle of the Messiah”, the place where Jesus became a child. The presence of a dynamic and solid Christian community here remains fundamental. For this reason the families of Bethlehem are grateful to the many friends of the Holy Land for their act of solidarity and their generous support.


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