The new school year begins in the Holy Land: ATS pro Terra Sancta continues to support emergency education

Giacomo Pizzi13 September 2011

Last week saw the reopening of Catholic schools in the Holy Land, an important element in the overall scholastic system in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Ten schools in total are operated by the Franciscans, welcoming each day 6,000 students, both Christians and Muslims – approximately four percent of the overall school population of Israel and the Territories.

This provides a good example of coexistence and of education based on mutual respect among the various religions, in particular between Christians and Muslims.

Among the core activities of ATS pro Terra Sancta in the scholastic field are the schools in Bethlehem, where through its payment of school fees and its support to families, ATS pro Terra Sancta is supporting the children who attend Franciscan schools. In addition, in all of the schools of the Custody of the Holy Land courses of various types are offered to help the families and children of Bethlehem: courses in information technology, remedial instruction, education on the correct posture to be maintained while at school, and seminars on the relationship between parents and children.

All of these courses, supported by ATS pro Terra Sancta, form part of the project “Supporting emergency education in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories” (MAE 9226/AVSI/TOC) financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and carried out in collaboration with the AVSI Foundation.