The new website of the Bethlehem Fair Trade Bazaar is online

giulia colaluce5 January 2024

It was a Christmas without pilgrims in Bethlehem. The context of crisis due to the war has alienated everyone and the absence of tourists has had a significant impact on the city, which largely depends on religious tourism and the sale of souvenirs.

The situation has prompted the Pro Terra Sancta Association to take a series of innovative initiatives to support the local community, already tried by these months of strong tensions. Almost two years ago, the association inaugurated the Dar Al Majus bazaar in Bethlehem, a fair trade project that has helped mitigate the negative effects of the crisis.

The Dar Al Majus bazaar stands out in the vast market of religious souvenirs in the Holy Land thanks to its fair trade approach. With a network of 30 suppliers, including associations of disabled people, women’s groups, and local artisans, the bazaar offers a variety of high-quality products, including souvenirs made of olive wood, ceramics, mother-of-pearl, silver, and embroidered fabrics. Each purchase at the bazaar not only allows visitors to take home a unique and meaningful piece, but also contributes to supporting vulnerable people and the humanitarian projects of the Pro Terra Sancta Association in Bethlehem.

In addition to selling souvenirs, Dar Al Majus has taken an active role in supporting its suppliers in improving their products and running their businesses. This initiative not only promotes Palestinian tradition but also creates a positive impact on the lives of those involved.

To address the crisis resulting from the war and to remain accessible to a global audience, the Dar Al Majus bazaar recently launched its website. This online platform allows visitors to explore the extensive catalog of products and order souvenirs from the comfort of their homes, thus helping to keep the bazaar’s economic activity alive. Those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news and available products can also follow the bazaar’s Instagram page.

Dar Al Majus wants to be an increasingly virtuous example of how innovation and solidarity can help overcome economic and social challenges in difficult times, keeping alive the richness of local tradition and culture. And it helped get through a difficult Christmas. Very difficult.

Dar Al-Majus