The role and importance of volunteers for ATS pro Terra Sancta

Giacomo Pizzi27 September 2011

The work of ATS pro Terra Sancta is carried out by a small nucleus of collaborators and a much larger number of volunteers, who make themselves available to assist ATS pro Terra Sancta in various manners, both locally and above all at a distance.

One example is our translators, who offer their valuable assistance from their home countries and allow us to keep our site constantly up-to-date in different languages. Also collaborating with ATS pro Terra Sancta are numerous experts from different sectors, both young people and professionals, in the fields of archaeology, education, communication and the media.

Voluntary work, whether it be carried out locally or at a distance, requires adherence to an “ideal” beyond the professional a consciousness of a service offered to the Holy Land freely and without recompense, and an ability to understand the diversity of faiths, cultures and traditions that characterize the context in which the Custody of the Holy Land lives.