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The heart of the experience in the Holy Land that Pro Terra Sancta Network offers is the relationship and encounter with the Other. In our experiential travels we will discover the artistic, historical and spiritual heritage with millennial roots, deep into the traditions and cultures of the local community. With the extraordinary strength of this approach we will discover fascinating places with a Middle-Eastern flavor, where nature is able to merge with man giving life to the landscape, which is that ideal place where beauty resides.

Covid-19 update: the routes that Pro Terra Sancta Network offers you guarantee a great attention to your health: the environments of the Guesthouses are regularly sanitized, even against the agents of the Coronavirus responsible for Covid-19, and organized trips by paying attention to the protection of health.

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“Getting to know a territory starts from meeting and dialogue with those who live there” here is the first impression of the students of the Middle East Community Program, the program promoted for the third following year by Association pro Terra Sancta in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan and the support of the Mosaic Center of Jericho, which allowed seven young Italian university students to visit the Holy Land for three intense weeks. In a totally different way. Together with the charm of Jerusalem, amazed by the Esplanade of the Mosques and the Terra Sancta Museum, that of Bethlehem where the boys stayed overnight. So Galilee with places “we didn’t even know existed” tell us thinking about Hebron, Acco, the Golan, Jericho , Bethany , and the welcoming village of Sebastia in Samaria with its rich historical-archaeological heritage under development.

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Pro Terra Sancta Network promotes sustainable tourism itineraries and experiences, enhancing the cultural, historical, religious and artistic uniqueness of the Holy Land and the encounter with local communities.

Pro Terra Sancta Network is a member of the network of the Italian Social Tourism Center and the Italian Responsible Tourism Association.

The Association aims to foster links and create a bridge between the Holy Land and the world, through the conservation of the Holy Places and the support of socio-educational works.


The Italian Social Tourism Center (Cits) is a national association that promotes and it enhances social and cultural tourism, as a relevant and necessary moment of the individual’s freedom. The Center acts as a meeting point between supply and demand, associating holiday homes, individuals, groups of tourists / pilgrims and associations, to whom it offers travel proposals, information, advice, agreements.

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The Italian Association of Responsible Tourism (AITR) is a non-profit association which, inspired by the principles of democracy and ethics, promotes initiatives of solidarity and support for Responsible Tourism, in order to raise the awareness and personal growth of citizens for the promotion of lifestyles and consumption behaviors and solidarity life.

The aim of AITR is that careful and aware tourism becomes a widespread and contagious travel philosophy.