collaborators pro terra sancta

Volunteering in the Holy Land


Do you want to put yourself at the service of our projects and do a period of volunteer work in the Holy Land? Here is some useful information to collaborate with us:

  1. How long ? You can do a volunteer period short , for which we ask for an availability of about 3 months , or long , that is of minimum 6 months .
  2. When ? Our projects never go on vacation, so you can leave at any time of the year. Departure is subject to the needs of the projects.
  3. Where is it ? We accept volunteers at our Bethlehem and Jerusalem offices
  4. What expenses are there ? The expenses related to your volunteering experience (travel, food and accommodation) will be partially covered by us based on the period of stay and the destination.
  5. Thing ? We usually involve volunteers in conservation and development and of education and assistance made in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
  6. Like ? Our goal is to satisfy the actual needs of the projects, the needs related to them and the requests of other realities in contact with us.

Furthermore, we always try to personally involve the people who live in the places where we intervene so that our work is truly a possibility of growth for the community to which it is addressed. The applications received are carefully selected and it is not always possible to leave as a volunteer.
If you wish to apply as a volunteer you can send us your CV, together with a motivational letter, to the address