Work is continuing at the new site of St. Saviour’s Library in Jerusalem

Giacomo Pizzi13 July 2012

Saint Saviour's Library The new site of the library at St. Saviour’s – the Franciscan monastery in the Old City of Jerusalem − is now beginning to take shape. It is far more spacious than its predecessor, even though it actually has less floor space: while the space dedicated to storing books will in fact only be 70% as large, it will have a capacity for nearly twice as many books. The new library will in fact incorporate books not only from the library at St. Saviour’s but also from those at the Seminary and the Magnificat Music School.

The workers from the Custody’s Technical office, coordinated by an expert sent by the well-known Dutch company that is supplying the furniture, has nearly terminated the installation of the electric mobile shelving system.

At the same time, the transfer of books from the library of the Seminary to the new site has nearly been completed, thanks to the hard work of numerous volunteers and students from St. Saviour’s who, having finished their exams, are now able to dedicate themselves to this task. The transfer of books from the site of the old library at St. Saviour’s is already under way and making good progress.

In the photo gallery below one can follow the stages of the works, with the positioning of the tracks on which the mobile shelving system is mounted, the packing of books at the old site of the library, and the transfer and shelving of books at the new site.

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