Young friends of the Holy Land: solidarity has no age limits

Giacomo Pizzi7 June 2012

It is well known that solidarity has no boundaries, and neither does it recognize age limits.

A very special initiative has been born from the big hearts of three young friends of ATS pro Terra Sancta. Maria Sorbi, Stefano Travaglino and Carolina Gentili from San Donato Milanese (in the Province of Milan) are children of families who are supporters of the Holy Land, lovers of the Holy Places and friends of the Custody of the Holy Land.

Our youths, on the occasion of their First Communion, asked their friends not to give them any presents but instead to make an offering to the Holy Land and the projects that support it.

Every occasion can be turned into an opportunity for new forms of solidarity.

From all of the staff of ATS pro Terra Sancta, a sincere thanks to Mario, Stefano and Carolina and their families.