News from the Holy Land

Syria: Franciscan Monastery in Yacubiyah Hit By Missile

July 2014

On Sunday evening, July 20th, an air-launched missile struck the Franciscan monastery in Yacubiyah, a village located not far from the Turkish border in the Orontes Valley in north-west [...]

To keep from losing hope: an appeal to support the inhabitants of Gaza

July 2014

While an agreement is being sought to stop the bombing of Gaza and launching of missiles into Israel, the humanitarian organizations present in Gaza have set up camps for the [...]

The smile of the children of Bethlehem in a summer camp

July 2014

"It's a joy seeing the children smile – states Sister Anna, coordinator of the summer camp in Bethlehem – as these activities allow them to have fun and at the [...]

Gaza and Syria: The endless tragedies in the Middle East and the voices of those on the ground

July 2014

The Middle East is not familiar with truce. The humanitarian emergencies are still in full on more fronts than ever, the number of dead and injured keeps growing everyday and [...]

From the children of Zielonka in Poland, to the children of Syria: a story of solidarity

July 2014

The initiative 'From the children of Zielonka, to the children of Syria' has just ended in the primary schools of Zielonka, close to Varsavia (Poland). The aim of the initiative, [...]

Codes, manuscripts and ancient books: priceless treasures, a gift from the Custody of the Holy Land to the rest of the world

July 2014

Since 2011, the Catholic University of Milan has been working alongside the Custody of the Holy Land on a project designed to value the ancient resources of the San Salvatore [...]

“I want to help the poor children in Jerusalem”: Associations pro Terra Sancta' s youngest donor

July 2014

Little Lucia’s gesture was incredibly endearing. At just 4 years old, during a pilgrimage in the Holy Land with her family, Lucia approached a friar and passed him an envelope. [...]

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