News from the Holy Land

Bethlehem, the “warm” gift of the Pilgrims Residence Hotel

November 2015

A few days ago the staff of Association pro Terra Sancta visited the Pilgrims Residence in Bethlehem, a hotel near the Milk Grotto, which this year decided to help with [...]

Visit the Holy Land with us! Check out our new website Visit pro Terra Sancta!

November 2015

Discover our new website www.visit.proterrasancta.org/en/. We have designed it to help you get better acquainted with the Holy Land, and to offer an inside look at unknown aspects and places of this [...]

Meet the family of Mariam, a child from Bethlehem

November 2015

“The family – The world's generating force”, Pope Francis said. A phrase that would seem to become flesh every day in Bethlehem, the place in which the Holy Family was [...]

"We were all born here": a documentary on the elderly protagonists of the story of Bethlehem

November 2015

On Saturday 7 November, at Catholic Action of Bethlehem, there was a presentation of the documentary “We were all born here – between beauty and strength, the elderly protagonists of [...]

Jerusalem: great success of the exhibition "The reading device" at the Library of the Custody of the Holy Land

November 2015

A great success of the exhibition "The reading device" of the Library of the Custody of the Holy Land. From the 3rd to the 5th of November about 250 visitors [...]

This Christmas give a new hope to Bethlehem

November 2015

Many families are already preparing for Christmas: but for those from the small Christian community of Bethlehem it is far more difficult to await with joy the birth of Jesus. Unemployment, [...]

Personalities of the month: interview with Sister Lisi and Sister Caterina of the Antonian Society of Bethlehem

November 2015

Sister Lisi and Sister Caterina, of the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden, are living at the Antonian Charitable Society, a home for the elderly of [...]

Ceramic art and a new guesthouse: giving a new hope to another village in Samaria

October 2015

Nisf Jbeil is a small village, 300 souls and a few donkeys, located in the hills of Samaria a few kilometers from Sabastiya. Here for the past few months the [...]

"Guarding means, above all, to love, care for and hold close to one’s heart"

P. Pierbattista Pizzaballa OFM,
Custos of the Holy Land