crisi sanitaria aleppo

Aleppo: the arrival of equipment and medicines is alleviating the health crisis

Giacomo Pizzi15 September 2015

In Aleppo, a city particularly hard hit during the years of war, there are today only four functioning hospitals; approximately 50% of doctors have fled abroad, and dozens of health workers have been executed or tortured. In addition, most of the population in the area can no longer afford to pay for medical services.

Thanks to the generosity of its numerous friends, Association pro Terra Sancta is coordinating the delivery of aid to deal with the crisis and alleviate the suffering of so many people. In particular, we are supporting a hospital in Aleppo that in recent years has become a center for welcoming and providing basic care for victims of war. Despite major difficulties such as lack of continuous electricity and a shortage of staff and facilities, the hospital has been able to operate continuously, welcoming injured from all ethnic groups and religions, in particular children.

The photos below depict the recent arrival and installation of a new oxygen generator that produces oxygen directly from the surrounding air. While it is literally only a drop in the bucket, it will be able to help save life and give hope to many of those who have remained in Aleppo and are ill.

Thanks to your support, we can continue to provide concrete help to the hospital:
– to repair and replace the main electro-medical equipment, which has suffered enormous damages in recent months;
– to ensure the presence of qualified personnel within the hospital;
– to bear the basic costs of hospitalization and operations for the many patients who are unable to afford these.

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