November 2013

At Christmas Time a Return to the Beginning

The launch of Association  pro Terra Sancta´s Christmas campaign to support the children of Bethlehem

In the city where Jesus was born, those who today are most affected by the difficult economic and political situation are the children. To be born in Bethlehem today means in fact to come into the world in a difficult land, marked by suffering and poverty, where young people frequently do not receive an adequate education. Among the children there are many who have learning disabilities resulting from a very difficult and violent family environment. In countless families the parents have no incomes and are accordingly facing serious economic problems. It is not uncommon for children to live with their grandparents, who often have major difficulties in raising them. In other cases they remain with their mothers, who frequently have no income so that the children are forced to leave school in order to work.

In addition, in the Palestinian Territories there is no form whatsoever of public medical care. Families are left entirely to their own resources for financing medical care which they are often unable to afford, particularly in cases of chronic illnesses or urgent care.

The objective of the Campaign “At Christmas Time a Return to the Beginning” is to support the most fragile living stones, the children who live in poverty in this place in the Holy Land that is so special, where God became a child. The funds which are raised will be used to support education for the neediest children and those suffering from learning disabilities, as well as providing them with essential medical care.

The Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land are working to help meet the most urgent needs of these children. And everyone can contribute this to this crucial mission.


30 euros: Purchase of winter clothing for a child

80 euros: Purchase of winter blankets and sheets for two children

150 euros: Monthly spending allowance for a needy family

250 euros: Monthly cost of heating for a large family

500 euros: Annual academic costs (school fees and materials) for a child

700 euros: Eye exam and purchase of glasses for three children

1,000 euros: Home care for a month for five children suffering from chronic illnesses

Help the children of Bethlehem now!

CHRISTMAS OBJECTIVE 2013: The objective of the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land for this year is to provide €200,000 for Bethlehem. Your contribution will aid 300 Palestinian families and 250 children.

Download the poster and the information sheet on the Christmas Campaign and help us to publicize the initiative!


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