In Bethlehem with the last

This Christmas, due to the conflict, many already isolated cities are confronted with the absence of pilgrims and the inevitable increase in unemployment and poverty. In this situation, it is children and vulnerable people who suffer the most serious consequences, often finding themselves abandoned and defenseless.


The last of the last

When tourists and pilgrims come to visit Bethlehem of Judea, that eight-meter-high separation wall , seems lower; for a moment it seems to be able to go back to living a normal life made up of meetings, life exchanges, a breath of fresh air for the women and men of the city of Christmas.

Today, as was the case during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bethlehem is once again isolated. With her are all the cities of the West Bank, which today are once again having to deal with a very serious economic crisis, which has already been underway for several years, and with a social crisis due to isolation and continuous violence.

With a further aggravating circumstance: those who had used their savings to cope with the Covid emergency, today have nothing.

Everyone in Bethlehem suffers from this situation, but among them those who suffer the most are children and those who already live in isolation due to physical or mental disabilities.

Find out how you can support our activities in support of the least in Bethlehem!

Christmas in war
Holy Sepulchre

Alongside those who are forgotten

In this difficult Christmas, discover our works that support and accompany children and the most vulnerable.

Hogar Niño Dios

A swimming pool for physiotherapy

Hogar Nino Dios is a one-of-a-kind family home in Palestine. In fact, it hosts 36 disabled children from families who cannot or do not want to take care of them due to the strong social stigma present in society.

Together with the religious of the Incarnate Word who manage this work, we are carrying out a project to renovate the existing swimming pool and showers , to ensure that the children need the aquatic physiotherapy that they need.

Dar Al-Majus

Psychosocial support for young people

Near the Basilica of the Nativity is our “Community Center” in Dar al-Majus, where doctors and social workers offer concrete psychological help, especially to young people.

The delicate condition of constant psychological stress has a strong impact on the well-being of children and young people, who increasingly manifest psychosocial disorders. In collaboration with professionals from different fields, we offer group therapy sessions, recreational activities, and education support.

Ma’an Lil-Hayat – Arché

Working to uncover one’s own worth

Every day this day centre, founded in 2009, welcomes young people with disabilities who have the opportunity to work in a protected environment.

By making small wool objects or working as waiters in Arché’s guest house, the boys discover that their time and their lives have value.

As a result of the pandemic, sales of the products made by the students have dropped and the center is struggling to cover all expenses. As Pro Terra Sancta, we try to give visibility to the products within the solidarity bazaar of Dar Al-Majus.

Our interventions in wartime

As part of the new emergency context that local populations are facing, we are strengthening Some of the activity that characterise our intervention, such as the trauma protection and treatment programs, and launching new ones, such as the “Cash for volunteering” to support families in need in Bethlehem.

Click on the map below to discover all the initiatives we intend to carry out to continue hoping for a future in which dialogue and coexistence are still possible!


Together with the least

This Christmas, choose to support the least of Bethlehem, abandoned and forgotten!