Let’s rebuild together after the earthquake

Only 3 months have passed since the earthquake, which had a devastating impact on the region of Syria and Turkey, causing serious damage to the infrastructure, homes and lives of many people. In this time of crisis, the support received has been crucial to show solidarity and offer tangible support to people who have lost everything.


Our impact in the field

In the first months following the emergency, in addition to the immediate response in terms of supply of water, food, blankets, and the reception of about 6,000 people in our centers, it took several in-depth missions and constant on-site work by our engineers to define the action plan for the coming months. The goal is to transform the funds raised into lasting aid and not just first aid. Here’s what we’ve done and what we’re going to do:

  • 180,000 hot meals distributed
  • +6000 people welcomed in our emergency centers
  • +5300 houses to be made accessible again
  • +2355 first aid kits distributed
Turkey Syria earthquake
Turkey Syria earthquake
Turkey Syria earthquake
Earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Rebuilding together

The numbers struggle to describe the disaster that caused the earthquake. Here, in fact, the rubble of the earthquake was added to the rubble of a war that never ended. Here’s what happened in individual cities and what we’re doing to rebuild what the earthquake destroyed:

Syria Turkey earthquake
Step 2

Our mission

The needs in this moment of crisis are really many, but we are sure that together we can do a lot. Right now, we have begun phase two, focusing our reconstruction efforts on three main areas:

Reconstruction of houses and restoration of solar panels

Distribution of hot meals, canteen and bakery construction

Psychological support activities and physical rehabilitation

The witness of Father Louai Bsharat

“Our presence in Idlib is like this church bombed, then burned and now damaged by the earthquake, but never destroyed and always present.”

Father Louai Bsharat

“Our three villages of Yacoubieh, Knayieh, and Jidayeh are part of the Orontes missions in the northwestern province of Idlib, Syria. Prior to the war in 2011, the number of Christians in Idlib was around 10,000 people, along with 10 priests and 8 nuns, spread across these villages and others in the area.

Unfortunately, due to the war, destruction, and persecution, only 500 people remain, including Catholics, Greek Orthodox, and Armenian Orthodox. We, two Franciscan friars from the Custody of the Holy Land, are the only two remaining religious serving this small flock, victims of war, persecution, the COVID epidemic, and most recently, the terrible earthquake.

Since the beginning of the war, our convents have been a refuge for the community and many refugees, including Muslims.

Many of our parishioners have fled, and their homes and properties have been stolen and occupied. As if that weren’t enough, since 2020, all roads to and from Idlib have been blocked, so neither we nor our parishioners can see our relatives and friends who live outside the borders. Idlib has become a closed ghetto!

On Monday, February 6, the earthquake threw us out of bed, terrified. It destroyed much of the villages and caused numerous deaths. I myself am alive by a miracle, but the Yacoubieh convent and church, where I was, partially collapsed. I barely had time to escape.

The damage is extensive, and we need all the help possible to rebuild the convents, centers of reference and hope for the community, and to repair the houses.

Our presence is important not only for the small community we serve but also for the many who don’t know where to turn. For this, we thank Divine Providence, which, through our generous benefactors, helps us carry out these missions in the love of Christ.

Thank you for the support you have given us and for what you can continue to do for us.”


Let’s rebuild the future together

Any help will allow us to do a little more in this sea of need and will be a sign of concrete hope for the Syrian people, brought to their knees once again. The need is immense, but together we can do so much!