For Christmas, give Hania new braces for her legs

Giacomo Pizzi4 December 2015

Little Hania* is 10 years old and is in fifth grade at the Franciscan school in Bethlehem. It is a girls’ school that welcomes everyone, both Christian and Muslim girls, with special attention to those most in need.

Hania is one of these children. School is going very well, as she is a very intelligent child, but she has severe mobility problems. Since birth her fragile and underdeveloped bones have forced her to undergo several operations.

After two major operations and long hours of physical therapy, braces were attached to her legs which permit her to walk, and generally move about. For these operations, which were a priority, her parents had to make huge sacrifices, since they have four children and a job that barely provides enough to feed them all.

We would like to do more for Hania, who would like to run like all her classmates and do the things that girls do at her age. She is certainly on the right path!

Albeit very slowly, Hani is growing and the doctors say that this year she will have to get new leg braces. And the family, which has no more savings, has turned to the Franciscans for help. The Franciscans in turn are asking everyone who can to give a hand.

Showing solidarity with such children also means to help them make the first steps; and this in a literal sense.

You can help Hania and the children of Bethlehem suffering from similar problems, and offer them a Christmas of hope.

Donate for the children of Bethlehem!

* The name of the young girl has been change to respect her privacy.