April 2018


A project to support the forgotten children of Aleppo

The project we would like to introduce you to is aimed at taking care of the abandoned children and those born to women who were raped and abused in the last eight years.

These children are part of a society that no one wants to consider and represent a problem which is often hidden to avoid scandal. Most of these children and their mothers live in appalling conditions because they do not receive any assistance from the state. Indeed they cannot be recorded at the registry office because they are considered ‘children of sin’. They are marginalized and are in desperate need of everything: food, water but also and especially psychological recovery and social reintegration.

The project has been strongly supported by the bishop George Abou Khazen, Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo, Fr. Firas Lufti, superior of the Franciscan community at the Terra Sancta College, and Mahmoud Akam, Mufti of Aleppo, who were the first to acknowledge this serious social emergency. The main objective is to support these children and their mothers by meeting their most urgent needs and  ensure them a better future.

This means:

  • Meeting their basic needs such as food, clothing and other basic requirements;
  • Providing psychological assistance and supporting these children to overcome war trauma;
  • Encouraging and helping their mothers to find permanent jobs suitable to their qualifications so to become financially independent.

The project is supported by the Association pro Terra Sancta that  is promoting the fundraising campaign and will manage the project implementation.



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