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Israel and Palestine
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The Gaza Strip is one of the Middle East’s most troubled areas: the ongoing conflict with Israel, the high population density, unemployment, and poverty are all part of the daily lives of Gaza’s residents.
Christians, in particular, are the most vulnerable. They are a small minority of roughly 1300 people out of the two million people that live on Gaza’s strip of land, and they face discrimination and obstacles in a variety of ways. Despite this, there is no desperation in the Christian community, only hope that shines. In fact, many individuals tell about how friendly and welcoming the parish of Gaza is.
Pro Terra Sancta is operating in the Gaza Strip, assisting Christian families in need and promoting religious tolerance. The Association is dedicated to supporting the most basic requirements of girls, boys, and young people, such as food, medicine, and educational fees.
Pro Terra Sancta also focuses on supporting the religious of Gaza’s parish in assisting disabled people, who are frequently ignored in the midst of war and economic misery.

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