Support the Christians in Gaza: a job for young people and electricity generators for families

Giacomo Pizzi9 January 2015

Thanks to your solidarity and your support to the Campaign Emergency Gaza launched by the Association pro Terra Sancta, for some young Christians living in Gaza, the new year has started with something new, a positive change: a job.

They mainly work is about translating, recording and digitalization of texts” explains the vice-parish priest of the Latin Church in Gaza, which counts 200 members. The initiative is aimed at creating new opportunities for the youth of Gaza, where unemployment affects about 80% of graduates. Currently the young represent the majority of the Gaza Strip population, which accounts for over 1.800.000 inhabitants. The gathered funds will be destined to provide for 8 young graduates a monthly salary for the next semester. “It’s the beginning; we are getting ready. We’ve started with 3 young people who had completed their studies but didn’t have a job. Our aim is to involve more people in the near future. At the moment we’ve bought new computers and set up the office; we start with 16 hours a week.”

Besides the project against youth unemployment in the Gaza Strip, the Association pro Terra Sancta supports the Christian families in Gaza, which not only are affected by the Israeli  occupation and blockade as much as the rest of the population, but they also encounter daily difficulties concerning the Muslim majority. The gathered funds have been used to buy new batteries to assure the population light and electricity for 10 hours rather than the 6 hours usually guaranteed, which are essential to face the freezing temperatures of these last days.

To support the Christian community and relieve the suffering of the population in Gaza – where there is a lack of food and medicines of any type and where the scars of the recent conflict remain ever present – you can support the Emergency Gaza Campaign launched by the Association pro Terra Sancta.  Your solidarity is essential to keep alive the light of hope among the Christians of the Gaza Strip.