Terra Sancta Museum – Via Dolorosa: what do people say?

Giacomo Pizzi5 April 2016

Two weeks after the opening of the new multimedia installation on the Via Dolorosa, the Franciscans of the Holy Land are really satisfied with the result. The multimedia section of the museum about the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem is having a great success: more than 1000 people have visited it and were enthusiastic about the exhibition.

Pilgrims and tourists of different nationalities, local Arab and Hebrew speaking visitors, priests, archaeology experts and many more have come to visit. They all have found something unique in the Via Dolorosa installation.

I’ve learned something new”, “Amazing!”, “The Old City really needed something like this”, “Exciting!”. These are just some of the comments we collected at the exit.

Local tour guides are very pleased: the show is in eight different languages and this allows them to bring many visitors. Many have already booked for several groups over the coming months. Young people are the most excited, since the multimedia installation involves them in first person through engaging digital animations and an amazing soundtrack.

Visit the Via Dolorosa page on the Terra Sancta Museum website to learn more about it. You will also find additional information on the project concept and design and the sources (images and texts) selected by the Franciscan friars to show the urban evolution of the Old City in the area around the Antonia Fortress and the Holy Sepulchre.

The Via Dolorosa is  the first section of the museum. Two more, the historical and the archaeological sections, need to be completed.

The fundraising campaign of Association pro Terra Sancta is still on: support the project and write your name in the history of the Holy Land!

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