News from the Holy Land

“Here you can still breathe the scent of hope”: a month in Bethlehem bringing smiles to young children

November 2014

Valerio, a young Sicilian who is 32, spent more than a month aiding youngsters in Bethlehem: in the morning helping out as a cook for the sisters of the Home [...]

Bethlehem, the water problem and Ilyas’ story

November 2014

In a land where drought is persistent for several months a year, most families —and particularly those in the poorest and most vulnerable communities— do not have enough drinking water. [...]

Young mosaic artists at work: the precious mosaic of Capernaum is restored

November 2014

In the 1960s Fathers Stanislao Loffreda and Virgilio Corbo excavated in Capernaum  the remains of a Byzantine church with a mosaic floor. Very similar to mosaics found in nearby Tabgha, [...]

Christmas campaign for Bethlehem

November 2014

The Christmas campaign for Bethlehem kicks off: Association pro Terra Sancta needs your help to assist the children and the poorest of the town where Jesus was born. OBJECTIVE FOR CHRISTMAS [...]

Starting soon the Terra Sancta Organ Festival

November 2014

The Terra Sancta Organ Festival (Holy Land Organ Festival) is an international music event and a cultural activity in which the Custody of the Holy Land allows everyone to enjoy [...]

Capernaum's Byzantine mosaic: brought back to life through a faithful reproduction

October 2014

On Saturday 11th October, friars and pilgrims descended on Capernaum for the annual blessing of first fruits. It was a day of celebration for a number of reasons: a reconstruction [...]

Preserving and transmitting a history of dialogue: successful exhibition of manuscripts at the Library of the Custody

October 2014

The exhibition MFH Manuscripta Franciscana Hierosolymitana took place on Thursday, October 23th at the Library of the Custody of St. Saviour’s Monastery. The program: blessing of the new stained [...]

Sabastiya: inauguration of the new guesthouse, under the sustainable tourism

October 2014

A small town in the middle of the Promised Land, the setting for many of the episodes recounted in the Old Testament: this is Sabastiya, the ancient Samaria, the capital [...]

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