News from the Holy Land

“Christians in Gaza, all one family”: the words of the pastor of Gaza

September 2014

"Anyone who has experienced war knows what it is like after a war. At this time, all of us must be strong and start over. I am not only talking [...]

The Power of the Heart – Researchers of Truth.The Custos of the Holy Land at the Rimini Meeting

September 2014

Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land and President of the Association pro Terra Sancta, took part on Sunday 24th August 2014 in the 35th edition of the Meeting for [...]

“This is what I have found in Gaza”. The emergency continues, the needs are huge.

August 2014

“I just returned to the Parish in Gaza and the situation that I have found is even worse than I imagined”. These are the words by Father Mario da Silva, [...]

Voices from Gaza: the Sisters of the Incarnate Word

July 2014

Gaza is in the midst of a very difficult situation: bombings, deaths, destruction. Those who suffer the most are the weakest, the children, the poor, the last ones. Gaza’s community [...]

Bombing near the Catholic parish in Gaza

July 2014

Tuesday morning (29th of July) after the residents of Al-Zeitun ─Eastern quarter of Gaza City where the Catholic parish of the Holy Family is also located─ received instructions to evacuate, a [...]

Syria: franciscan monastery in Yacubiyah hit by missile

July 2014

On Sunday evening, July 20th, an air-launched missile struck the Franciscan monastery in Yacubiyah, a village located not far from the Turkish border in the Orontes Valley in north-west [...]

To keep from losing hope: an appeal to support the inhabitants of Gaza

July 2014

While an agreement is being sought to stop the bombing of Gaza and launching of missiles into Israel, the humanitarian organizations present in Gaza have set up camps for the [...]

The smile of the children of Bethlehem in a summer camp

July 2014

"It's a joy seeing the children smile – states Sister Anna, coordinator of the summer camp in Bethlehem – as these activities allow them to have fun and at the [...]

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"Guarding means, above all, to love, care for and hold close to one’s heart"

P. Pierbattista Pizzaballa OFM, Custos of the
Holy Land