Lebanon: the emergency is not over yet

Beirut needs Help!


An explosion that has lasted for a year:

Look at the photos, videos and stories from the logbook of Giacomo, our collaborator, who spent the last two weeks in Lebanon.


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Lebanon one year later

The stories of the people in a country that is dying

What families are experiencing

Beirut Families Witness

Why is there a lack of medicines in Lebanon?

Discover more with Stefanie

Live from Beirut

Lebanon is on its knees.

Medical assistance is in crisis, pharmacists are on strike. The black market has very high prices, while others hold back the medicines to resell them in the future at higher prices.

“There are no more medicines. There are only two companies that make medicines here, the rest should be imported from the outside, but now the entrance from the outside is also blocked.”
Stephanie, Collaborator of Pro Terra Sancta

The oil crisis causes long queues for petrol filling stations. The lack of oil changes the pace of society. Furthermore this results in a lack of internal power generation, causing the current to be lost during the day.

The crisis that began in 2019, the covid and the August explosion triggered a series of events that are plunging Lebanon, in particular Beirut, into a very serious situation very quickly.

The buildings are empty, destroyed and few have the money to renovate. The situation is serious on both the governmental and institutional side, bringing out a situation of past poverty but these other misfortunes have been amplified.

The economic default, the various really heavy lockdowns, the population is increasingly discontented and poor, and the peak was reached with the explosion at the port of Beirut. These days the resignation of the Prime Minister who was unable to form a government. A stalemate that has been going on for months. Various factions that do not share common ideals cannot find an agreement. It’s all on people’s shoulders.
Citizens receive the same salary as in the period before the economic crisis, but the value of the currency has plummeted drastically. First $ 1 1,500 Lebanese Lira and now it is worth 23,000 Lebanese Lira. There has been a rapid rise in prices and a situation of enormous poverty, there is no social assistance.

Travel Diary


First day:

We landed in Beirut at 22.30 from Istanbul. We have been traveling since 11 AM…



People living in Lebanon during its worst economic and sanitary crisis, explained to me …


Third day

Despite being very tired, the heat stops us from sleeping at night: the 7 AM alarm is somehow relieving…



In August 2020 Pro Terra Sancta intervened immediately for the reconstruction of the convent, distribution of…


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