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Pro Terra Sancta UK

To foster bonds between the Holy Land and the World

The goal of Pro Terra Sancta UK is to bring together people from all backgrounds, cultures and religions who wish to support the social, educational and cultural projects throughout the Holy Land.
The projects we promote represent a great opportunity to share cultural heritage of inestimable value.

The Association is also committed to providing humanitarian aid to all those in need, operating with the desire to meet everyone regardless of all religious affiliation, social status and ethnic origin.

Who We Are

The Network

Our mission is to promote and implement projects for the conservation and enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage, to support local communities and help in humanitarian emergencies in the Middle East.

Pro Terra Sancta Association is a non-profit organization registered in the appropriate list of the Italian agency for development cooperation and holder of a EuropeAid ID number of the European Commission. The Association specializes in the implementation of projects for the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage that increase awareness of common roots in local communities and represent opportunities for sustainable development. The Association also promotes projects in the educational and social fields, and intervenes in support of humanitarian emergencies.

Pro Terra Sancta UK is a recognised charity in England and Wales that raises funds for educational projects and for the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in the Holy Land.

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Years Of Work

Our projects are carried out in collaboration with the associations, economic, cultural and social realities of local civil societies and offer training and growth opportunities to the most vulnerable groups.

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Our Numbers

Annual Reports

In this section we are publishing all statements prepared over the years, documenting our work, collections and resources used, in addition to beneficiaries reached.

Click on the link down below to take a look at our annual reports:

Our Campaign

Our Campaigns and Projects

Here you will find the latest campaign we are carrying out:

Humanitarian Emergencies

The earthquake emergency

The earthquake emergency in Syria and Turkey killed more than 53.000 people and over 200.000 are now injured. In addition, there are many collapsed buildings: families no longer have a home, it’s time to take action! Support our commitment with a gesture of solidarity

Preservation and Development

Terra Sancta Museum

The Franciscans of the Holy Land Custody, in collaboration with the Association pro Terra Sancta and Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, have been working on the Terra Sancta Museum, the world’s first museum dedicated to the origins of Christianity and the preservation of the Holy Places, for several years.


The BBC article

Jerusalem’s Terra Sancta Museum, which displays ancient artefacts excavated by the Franciscan Order over the past 100 years, offers insight into life in the Holy Land.

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