Schools of the Holy Land



The Custody of the Holy Land runs 15 schools offering school education to around 12,000 students in the region. The first school was founded in Bethlehem in 1550, followed by Jerusalem and Nazareth.

With this project as Association pro Terra Sancta we wish to help the Franciscan friars of the Custody maintain schools and facilitate access to education for the poorest population, offering grants and scholarships. Particular attention is given to children and young people in difficulty, putting attentive educators at their disposal as well as controlled environments, organizing dedicated activities and providing psychosocial assistance for them and their families.


Scholarships to allow school attendance for the poorest students;
Support and integration of disabled children with learning difficulties;
Extracurricular cultural activities and study aid;
Training for teachers and parents on food education, health prevention and domestic violence issues.
Renovations and equipment


The schools of the Holy Land, students, teachers, and parents.
Educators and staff dedicated to specific activities

The story of Jameela and Reem

Jameela and Reem are two 15-year-old cousins ​​who attend the Saint Joseph girls’ school, the Holy Land School for girls, a stone’s throw from the historic center of Bethlehem. Jameela and Reem are just two of the 238 girls of this institute who enjoy help to pay the annual fee thanks to the help of ATS pro Terra Sancta. They, like so many other peers of the city where Jesus was born, live a strong family discomfort (alcohol, domestic violence, drugs, separation, unemployment) and therefore need constant help both for education and for living in reception facilities. The story of these two girls, who dream of becoming respectively doctor lawyer, is, in fact, linked to an angel who protects them.

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