December 2011

ATS pro Terra Sancta thanks all its volunteers and friends

At the end of the year, a special thought and thanks go to all the volunteers and friends of theHoly Landwho have supported our activities in 2011.

During this year, a lot of people devoted part of their time and energies to support the activities of ATS pro Terra Sancta, out of love  for this land and the living stones living here.

They did so from far and from close, for shorter or longer periods, often on a voluntary basis, but always professionally. In fact, the volunteers who cooperate to ensure the good outcome of our activities are usually highly skilled, and they use their specific skills for free, out of passion for theHoly Land.

We are grateful for their help, and we would like to thank them one by one, also on behalf of those who benefit from the activities and projects promoted by ATS pro Terra Sancta.

Here below are some of their messages and comments:

“Along the path of my life and my choices, I will always bring in my heart the Jerusalem experience.  I will particularly bring along the people who gave me friendship and gratefulness, who taught me, who touched me, who moved me, and who helped me grow up. Nothing happens by chance”  Valentina, ATS pro Terra Sancta volunteer


 Working in Jerusalem means daily contact with the fundamental History of our culture. Religion is constantly present in the city, it’s a unique opportunity to grow spiritually and to get in touch with extraordinary people, who have a lot to teach me”. Laura, volunteer at the Technical Office of the Custody of theHoly Land.


“I was having lunch with a friar today, at one table next to ours there were some Arab Muslim guys, at the other table  a group of tourists with their Israeli Jew tour guide. Since I arrived here, I have  tried to understand its  complex reality as a whole, but I learned to taste it bit by bit, trying to understand the simplicity of the human dimension to be found in each street in this city. Thank you, Jerusalem/El-Quds/Yerushalaim….all the three of you” Roberta, volunteer for the Custody of theHoly Land


“What I think about my last summer is that I had the time of my life. First of all, the opportunity of working in the Archaeological Museum where I was responsible for conservation allowed me to gain experience needed in my further studies and future occupation. Father Alliata, my magnificent supervisor,told me dozens of important and interesting stories about the greatest passions of mine: the Holy Land and archaeology, which I am very grateful for. Naturally, I was able to practice Hebrew and learn more about the Israeli culture, which I truly value as a Polish citizen. I would not be myself if I did not mention meeting so many fantastic Italians whom I will be hopefully able to meet during the next year’s digs”. Matthiew, volunteer for the Custody of the Holy Land.


“A time of endless Grace was given to me as a gift. The opportunity, both unexpected and beautiful, to live in Jerusalem and to walk the streets that Jesus walked. I can do that because of ATS pro Terra Sancta and the Custody of the Holy Land, which I thank endlessly. I wish Merry Christmas to all the Staff at ATS and all the friends and supporters of the Holy Land. “. Barbara,  ATS pro Terra Sancta volunteer.

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