Bethlehem: The San Zeno Foundation of Verona is supporting a project to aid the at-risk population

Giacomo Pizzi23 February 2012

“Together at school, against poverty” is the name of the project supported by the San Zeno Foundation of Verona through a co-financing agreement for two years of activities.

The project, promoted by ATS pro Terra Sancta and the Terra Sancta College of Bethlehem, seeks to provide an answer to the growing problem of poverty encountered among young adolescents in the city in which Jesus was born. The aim of the project is to offer young students who find themselves in particularly precarious situations a safe place where they can spend their afternoons and study.

As a result of the project, it will now be possible to provide more than 50 adolescents not only with a safe place where they can study while being supervised by their own teachers, but also a warm and nourishing meal. The youths, especially the younger ones, are those who are paying the highest price for the social and political instability that continues to plague the Palestinian Territories. The difficult situation brings with it a series of problems, ranging from unemployment to the lack of a public welfare system able to take care of people in need.

This project is just one of a number that ATS pro Terra Sancta is supporting in the city of Jesus, along with assistance to those in poverty, especially children and the elderly. For further information, please click here.