Lebanon, on August 4 two tremendous explosions devastated the port of Beirut and surrounding areas for a radius of 24 km; even a Franciscan convent was hit by the blast!



We must take action immediately!



Let’s bring aid to those who are under the rubble!




Lebanon, on August 4 at 5.30 p.m. two powerful explosions devastated the port and surrounding areas for a radius of 24 km, causing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.

The terrible explosion also hit the Franciscan monastery which is located in the Gemmayzeh area, just 1 km away from the port, causing extensive damage to the building. Fortunately there were no victims among the friars and our friends, but the building was seriously damaged and the Franciscans were forced to leave the convent fearing it may collapse.

The convent and the parish have always been a fundamental help center for the city. This is why we must take action immediately to secure the building and bring immediate aid to the people!

#PROLebanon – Appeal of the Custos of the Holy Land “The generosity and frienship of everyone, is fundamental in this moment!”


Thanks to your generosity we have reached the first goal of 60,000$! Since there is still great need, we have decided to continue our in favor of the affected population. We cannot abandon the Lebanese people! 


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