Following on from chamber music, the Magnificat presents it’s program of sacred music, thanks to the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta

Giacomo Pizzi19 May 2011

MagnificatThe first edition of the Magnificat Open Music concerts (MOM) is finished and ready to go.  The next two concerts featuring a program of sacred music will take place in the Saint Salvatore church in Jerusalem on Tuesday the 17th and Tuesday the 24th of May at 6pm, entrance is free.

The idea behind the Magnificat’s* new initiative is not only to bring teachers and students together to play music, but also for teachers to play without students and vice versa.  Other than the obvious educational and artistic benefits, the aim is to create a feeling of brotherhood among musicians at the Magnificat, that has students of many different nationalities, religions, with different mother tongues, uniting musicians through the universal language of music.  The program will also be offering solo opportunities for musicians.

A special invitation has been extended to pilgrims through various agencies.  As people who have already witnessed our activities throughout their journey, specifically those activities dedicated to caring for various sanctuaries, we aim to present another of the Custodies activity that is this time linked to serving the people.

The first two concerts were held in the Immacolata Hall and offered a program of chamber music for various formations (solo, duo, trio, quintet) and instruments: violin, flute, vocals, piano for two, four and six hands and pieces for two pianos.  The next two concerts that will be held in the Saint Salvatore church will offer a program of sacred music, featuring the organ, vocals and instruments on the 17th of May.  The concert on the 24th of May will feature the organ and the Yasmeen choir (an all girls choir) alongside the choir of the custody of the Holy Land.  Under the direction of Hania Soudah Sabbara, the two choirs will perform a complete circle of the rosary in song, featuring Our Father, the Regina Caeli and ten Hail Mary’s by various authors.