Giotto in the Holy Land – the art tour promoted by ATS pro Terra Sancta goes on

Giacomo Pizzi6 October 2010

Yet another stage of the tour in the Holy Land of an art piece of great cultural value: the 1:4 model of the Scrovegni Chapel, donated by Padua Province to the Custody of the Holy Land, is now on show in Jaffa of Tel Aviv at the University College “Ha-Hakademit”.

The Chapel, frescoed by Giotto with the events of the life of Jesus and his parents, was before in the Sanctuary of the Visitation in Ein Karem. According to estimates, more than 6000 people came to admire the model over a period of one month and a half. A group of volunteers of the Romano Gelmini Association for the peoples of the Holy Land took care of dismantling the exhibition and moving it to Jaffa, where it will be until mid-November, available for visits by the College students, the Franciscan schools students in Jaffa and all the people interested.