Christ is risen, he is really risen! Here: Happy Eastyer from the Association pro Terra Sancta

Giacomo Pizzi13 April 2017

“The physical place that preserves the memory of the burial of our Lord Jesus Christ and testifies that the incarnation of the Son of God is so real and complete that it arrives at the experience of death, which is the ultimate experience of any human existence. But the Holy Sepulchre is above all the physical location where the body of our Saviour did not see corruption and death was defeated. The empty tomb is the silent and eloquent witness to this event. The empty tomb is the place where even physically a new creation began, a new world at the instant of light in which Jesus is risen”.

Fr. Francesco Patton, Custos of the Holy Land

For this reason as Association pro Terra Sancta, we will continue to strive alongside the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, to preserve the memory of what has really happened!