Jerusalem: many companies are committed to supporting the “Stones of Memory”

Giacomo Pizzi15 February 2012

There have been numerous initiatives to support the Holy Land, coming from all different types of situations – families, parishes, companies – that have gradually grown and taken form, becoming concrete forms of solidarity to assist the residents in the Holy Land and the projects supported by the Custody of the Holy Land.

For a number of years the Custody of the Holy Land, with the support of ATS pro Terra Sancta, has pursued the objective of maintaining alive the Christian presence in Jerusalem, notably through the project “Jerusalem, Stones of Memory in the Holy Land” which seeks to improve the housing conditions of disadvantaged families in Jerusalem, renovating their homes where required and at the same time creating employment opportunities for the local population.

As part of this project, a number of major companies are making important contributions, through assistance that calls upon their professionalism but also becomes a motive for solidarity. The well-known construction company ARS AEDIFICANDI in Villa d’Adda (Italy) is involved in the extremely important task of acquiring materials to be used in the preservation of St. Saviour’s Monastery and the Cenacle in Jerusalem, and for special maintenance works on homes in the Old City; Trento-based TASSULLO SPA, a major company in the North of Italy, has begun to supply its own products at particularly favorable prices in order to support the activities of the Custody’s Technical Office; DHL, among the leaders in the field of international transport, has for a number of years through its Padua (Italy) office provided support to the activities in the Holy Land, assuring the best possible prices for transport by sea for materials shipped from Italy to the Custody in Jerusalem.

Opportunities to collaborate and aid the Holy Land are limitless, bound only by your imagination and your love for this Land.