Jerusalem meets Rovigo: an appointment to meet and support the Christians of the Holy Land

Giacomo Pizzi17 September 2012

Jerusalem, Holy City. So much Beloved by God as divided by men”: this is the title of the meeting held in Rovigo on September 22nd, at 4:30 pm, in the Gran Guardia room (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II). The meeting was strongly desired by both the dioceses of Rovigo’s municipality.

‘’It will be an account meeting’’ said the project coordinator, Barbara Osti who during her year of volunteering in the Holy Land  she attended the Jerusalem parish and she  could  learn the work in care of the Franciscan friars under the Custody of the Holy Land . Indeed, Father Feras Hejazin, who is the parish priest of the catholic community in Jerusalem, and other two young community members, will meet the city of Rovigo. ‘After a year spent in the holy land, it is a moral duty to transmit and bear witness what I have experienced’ I am glad to be able to coordinate the meeting, it is an important moment through which I wish to give an opportunity to my fellow citizens to know better the reality of Jerusalem, the people who live there, their problems and their hope.’’

It will be an opportunity for the participants to meet and to know in depth the Holy Land but also it will be a practical support for the Christians who live in the holy city.  In fact, the funds that are collected during the meeting, where you can find many books and gadgets from Jerusalem, they will be donated to ATS pro terra sancta projects in support of the work of Franciscans under the Custody of the Holy Land.

We look forward to your visit! Everyone is invited!